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  • Oaklands Construction Ltd has been expanding and continually improving its offering since its establishment in 2011, integrating its supply chain to the group to directly deliver its works whilst accumulating skills and expertise through a combination of growth and acquisition. 

  • Our aim has always been to lead the communities we work within towards sustainable methods of construction, maximum waste reduction, create local employment whilst improving safety, quality and value of our construction activities. 

  • We believe in career development and generation of a positive environment to create something bigger than just the projects we are engaged upon. 

  • We work carefully to stay within a clients budget while providing maximum value for money and simultaneously deliver on our key objectives of safety, quality and environmental awareness.

  • Whilst profitability is important our vision is to be outstanding at our function, ethical, fair, passionate and invested in our  long term goals to be a premium brand associated with Quality, Safety and best value.

  • Oaklands has become an essential part of the community by promoting innovative ideas that enhance the future. Through a variety of engineering services, we use the latest technologies to improve the way our projects are run. We serve clients across various sectors with practical engineering solutions and construction services

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